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Coffee pods present a pre-measured serving of coffee in a filter paper or a small individual pod. We offer a range of Lavazza blue capsules for pod machines and espresso machines with specially adapted handles.

Lavazza Blue Espresso Dolce Capsules

A sweet, full-bodied and creamy blend. This yields a sweet and aromatic espresso with a thick, persistent crema. 100% Arabica.

Capsules per case: 100

100% ground coffee

Lavazza Blue Caffe Crema Lungo Capsules

A sweet blend with a golden crema yielding a sweet and velvety coffee with a pleasant after taste.

Capsules per case: 100

Lavazza Blue Espresso Tierra Capsules

A very aromatic and sweet flavour with a consistent soft crema. 100% Arabica and Rain Forest Alliance certified

Capsules per case: 100

Lavazza Blue Espresso Intenso Capsules

A full-bodied coffee with a powerful flavour and thick crema producing an intense creamy espresso.

Capsules per case: 100

Lavazza Blue Espresso Decaffeinato Capsules

The result of this 100% Arabica decaffeinated blend is perfectly balanced between sweet and bitter with a hint of brown sugar and honey, all naturally preserved during the decaffeination process.

Capsules per case: 100

Lavazza Blue Espresso Delicato Lungo Capsules

Enjoy a premium blend of 100% Arabica coffee in these convenient capsules. With the persistent crema and sweet and mild creamy flavour they are perfect for any time of day.

Capsules per case: 100

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