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Tap into the perfect temperature every time

The EZYTAP75 counter top tap is hot only which has an undercounter hot water boiler. This tap dispenses hot water 14/l an hour at 95 C & copious amounts of un-chilled water. There is a dispensing height choice of either 18.5cm or 24cm.

The EZYTAP7800 counter top tap combines the undercounter boiler with an under counter chiller. The hot tap dispense is the same as the EZYTAP75 with an addition of chilled water dispensing at 11.5l an hour between 6 - 10 C. This tap also has a choice of dispensing heights.


Chrome faucet tap with electronic controls

Touch control dispensing taps

Flashing indicating light when heating

Hot water safety tap

Dispensing height 18.5 cm or 24 cm.


EZYTAP75  - Dispensing height 18.5 cm -

Height 329 mm, Width 220 mm, Depth 352 mm

EZYTAP75T - Dispensing height 24 cm

 Height 329 mm, Width 220 mm, Depth 352 mm

EZYTAP7800 - Dispensing height 18.5 cm

Boiler - Height 329 mm, Width 220 mm, Depth 352 mm

Chiller - Height 300 mm, Width 410 mm, Depth 300 mm

EZYTAP7800T - Dispensing height 24 cm

Boiler - Height 329 mm, Width 220 mm, Depth 352 mm

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Chilled Temp deg C 6 - 10
Hot Temp deg C 95
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Water types Chilled, Ambient, and Hot
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