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Machines Hot Drink Tabletop Bean2Cup Bravilor Sprso bean to cup with fresh milk

Flexible efficient bean2cup coffee machine with fresh milk the Bravilor Sprso is ideal for small-scale spaces

This attention-grabbing bean to cup is the Bravilor Sprso with fresh milk it can be situated in areas with or without a water connection.

There are 14 drink selections to try in the Bravilor Sprso bean to cup including cappuccino, latte, ristretto and espresso. The cup size, brew strength, intensity and grind size can be adjusted.

Bravilor designed the Sprso to be as compact as possible. The unique  shape of the brewer allows this to happen. Pressure is essential for intense flavours, the brewer ensures the correct pressure to get the most out of your freshly ground beans.

Proven technology:

Creates a delicious crema layer

Consistently quality coffee

Compact shape, takes up little space

High quality materials ensure reliability and accuracy


  • Low energy consumption
  • Low demand areas
  • Tanked or Plumbed
Bravilor Sprso bean to cup with fresh milk pricing


Volume of drinks Up to 50 drinks per day
Milk type Fresh milk, and Milk pot
Water connection Tanked, and Plumbed mains water
Screen Type Touch Screen
Payment Methods Freevend
Specific drink requirements One bean


Bravilor Sprso bean to cup with fresh milk - Milk Cooler

To enjoy coffees made with fresh milk you need a milk cooler. This milk cooler holds 1000 ml. It is a compact table top device.

Bravilor Sprso bean to cup with fresh milk - Brewer cleaning tablets

Espresso cleaning tablets x 100

Bravilor Sprso bean to cup with fresh milk - Fresh milk unit cleaning tablets

The fresh milk unit needs to be cleaned daily. The touchscreen leads you through the cleaning programme step by step.

Tub = 120 tablets


Bar'essa Reggio Beans

Our Reggio coffee is Rain forest alliance and is a smooth blend of 100% Arabica beans from Brazil and El Salvador, offering a sweet but clean flavour. It is lighter than other blends yet still has an excellent crema and base for continental drinks.

Case size 6 x 1kg

Bar'essa Paso Beans

Our Paso coffee beans combine the perfect balance of Brazilian, Honduran and Ethiopian Arabica beans with Tanzanian Robusta to produce an exciting winey blend balanced against a nutty earthy flavour. Perfect for continental drinks.

Case size 6 x 1kg

Bar'essa Jive Beans

A Fairtrade blend created with beans from the Central Americas. Roasted darker to produce a fuller flavoured drink with nutty overtones. Excellent for espresso based drinks.

Arabica: 70% & Robusta 30%

Case size 6 x 1kg

Bar'essa Balero Beans

Balero Triple Certified coffee beans are made from the finest 100% Arabica beans from across Latin America and Papua New Guinea to produce a medium-bodied enticing sweetness that delivers no compromises.

Case size 6 x 1kg

Lavazza Crema Classica

An expertly blended medium roast of Arabica and Robusta beans from South America, Africa and Asia. A velvety dark chocolate with spice notes suitable for bean to cup machines and grinders.

Case size 6 x 1kg

Lavazza Aroma Piu

Aroma Piu is a medium to dark roast with a blend of Robusta and Arabica beans from various regions across the globe.  A velvety cream with persistent aroma. Perfect for a sweet but intense espresso.

Case size 6 x 1kg

Cafiza Brewer cleaning tablets

Cafiza tablets can be used with espresso machines or bean to cup coffee machines. Easy to use these tablets will leave the insides of your machine clean and ready to make great tasting coffee.

Case size: 12 x 100

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