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Crane Bevmax Media2 a mighty glass fronted cold drink bottle vending machine

The Bevmax Media2 immediately engages an audience with its 9-inch touchscreen with full motion video. Digital advertising can be used to increase sales by exposing the consumer to new products, and encouraging multi-product sales.

This latest model the Bevmax Media2 gives a faster performance, with speed of delivery and improved screen response. The screen can provide nutritional information, with easy to read nutrition facts.

There are two sizes of this machine the 35 select holds 315 x 0.5L bottles and the 45 select holds 405 x 0.5L bottles. Both models of machine can be used with a cashless payment system & or a coin mechanism.


  • 9 inch touchscreen
  • Faster performance
  • Nutritional information
Crane Bevmax Media Bottle machine pricing


Dimensions (hxwxd) mm 1850x1015x822 - 35 select
Dimensions (hxwxd) mm 1850x1180x822 - 45 select
Crane — Crane offer a variety of tabletop and floor standing beverage systems, and food snack combination vending.
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