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Manual or Automatic fill double plate filter coffee machine

The Crem M2 filter coffee machine has twin hot plates and two glass decanters.

This model comes as manual fill or automatic fill with 2 x 1.8L decanters and a sample pack of 25 filter papers.


  • 12 cups per brew
  • 6 minutes brew time
  • Capacity per hour - 15L
Crem M2 pour and serve filter brew coffee machines pricing


Volume of drinks Up to 50 drinks per day
Milk type Fresh milk, and Milk pot
Water connection Tanked, and Plumbed mains water


Bar'essa Latino Filter coffee

Sachets of 100% Arabica fresh pre -ground coffee beans from across Latin America. This blend has a bold depth of flavour with caramel and toffee notes, is premeasured to ensure the perfect filter coffee drink every time. 

Case size 50 x 60g

Bar'essa Jive Filter coffee 50 x 60g

Baressa Jive Fairtrade filter coffee. Ethically sourced and produced freshly pre ground coffee beans from Tanzania and Brazil. A full bodied blend with a nutty malty earthy sweetness.

Case size 50 x 60g

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