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Machines Vending Evoca Vivace ETL snack & can dispenser

Energy efficient snack, can, bottle vending machine the Evoca Vivace ETL will compliment any venue.

The new Evoca Vivace impulse dispenser is ideal for small and medium locations. It has three temperature layouts, with the possibility of holding ready meals, salads, and fresh food products. The colour display communicates nutritional information with slideshows.

This model Evoca Vivace is part of the Eco range of new snack/can/bottle dispensers. The eco range has a low polluting effect & ensures efficiency and energy savings due to the new gas refrigerant. There are several new features that can help increase sales and enhance the user experience. Electronic tray labelling allows you to offer live pricing, highlight promotional offers and advise of allergen and nutritional information. Automatic price changes allow you to offer happy hours or scheduled special offers. Clear pricing and description directly underneath the product and once the product has been selected it stays highlighted and all other selections are automatically blanked out.

The Vivace ETL comes in two models the Snack 6-27 which can hold 254 confectionery and 90 snacks & the snack, can & bottle 6-30 which can hold 60 snacks, 168 confectionary, 36 bottles & 36 cans.


  • Numeric selection
  • Double glazed door
  • Vandal safe elements
Evoca Vivace ETL snack & can dispenser pricing


Payment Methods Freevend, Cashless Payment system, and Coin Mechanism
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