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The Quattro instant coffee machine that is as powerful as it is elegant

The new Matrix Quattro instant coffee machine possesses an intuitive and easy to use touchscreen interface. It drives you through drink selection and delivery effortlessly via a central 7-inch HD video panel. The Quattro also incorporates an ultra-crisp 10.1-inch HD TFT media screen, which can be used for almost unlimited video lengths. Easy and quickly updated by an SD card. 

If you are looking for a beverage machine that is easy to use, visually appealing, and helps to generate sales, the Quattro is a great option.

Cappuccino - 15 seconds

Espresso - 6 seconds

Chocolate - 15 seconds

Black coffee - 8 seconds

14 drink selections including DECAF.


  • 7 inch touch screen
  • Full audit facility
  • 10 inch media screen for advertising
Matrix Quattro Instant coffee machine pricing


Volume of drinks Up to 150 drinks per day, and 150+ drinks per day
Milk type Granulated milk
Water connection Plumbed mains water
Payment Methods Cashless Payment system
Specific drink requirements Chocolate, and Decaff instant


Nescafe Gold Blend Decaff Instant Coffee

Every cup of Nescafe Gold Blend Decaff has a smooth taste and rich aroma making every coffee break memorable. The beans are carefully roasted and ground then decaffeinated using water.

Case size 10 x 300g

Nescafe Gold Blend Instant Coffee

Nescafe Gold Blend is renown in many UK households and businesses, this coffee is created from Arabica & Robusta beans roasted & ground finely to produce this distinctive blend.

Case size 10 x 300g

Barry Callebaut Classic Freeze Dried Coffee

Ethically traded, 100% Arabica freeze dried coffee granules are aromatic, full bodied with a medium to high acidity.  Ideal for all types of vending machines.

Case size 10 x 300g

Kenco Decaffeinated instant coffee

A well-balanced medium roast of the finest quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.  Blended to capture the full taste and smoothness in every cup.

Case size 10 x 300g

Kenco Millicano Instant Coffee 300g

A clever combination of instant coffee and finely milled whole coffee beans. With essential oils locked in for a smooth, full-bodied flavour and rich aroma.

Case size 10 x 300g

Lavazza Prontissimo Classico 300g

Lavazza Prontissimo Classico is a 100% Arabica blend. This is enriched with finely ground coffee beans & produces a smooth and balanced beverage with delicate caramel notes.

Case size 9 x 300g

Le Royal Choco

This creamy chocolate drink is specially formulated to create a sumptuous luxury hot cocoa drink. The ideal selection to use within a bean to cup or vending machine. This chocolate powder can also be used to create homemade chocolate beverages.

Case size 10 x 1kg

Allergen information:

Contains milk

Caprimo Oat Milk Powder

This delicious plant-based alternative is the ideal solution for those who are lactose intolerant and is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. Made with oat flour, a sustainable dairy alternative creating further vending solutions that customers will love.

Case size 10 x 500g

Allergen Information:

Cereals containing gluten

Possible cross contamination with milk

Milfresh Granulated Milk

This granulated milk is perfect for all drink types. It is premium quality and tailor made for all types of coffee machines. 

Fat Free

No - HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable oils)

Allergen information:

Contains milk

Case size 10 x 500g

Classic Vendcharm tea & coffee whitener

Classic Coffee Whitener is formulated to improve the taste of tea and white coffees. this can also be for use in a vending machine.

Case size 10 x 750g

Allergen information:

Contains milk

Contains whey powder

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