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Crem machines combine practical with design, and this is shown with coffee machine innovations of all kinds.

Crem M2 pour and serve filter brew coffee machines

Manual or Automatic fill double plate filter coffee machine

Crem Pulse 75 High Speed Grinder

Grind it fast. Grind it fresh. Grind it with Crem Pulse 75

Crem Spengler PSL50 Bean2Cup

The Spengler psl50 is a modern high end bean to cup model with two cup sizes & a smoked glass finish.

Crem Mignon Grinder

Freshly ground on demand grinder, the Mignon is a perfect instant grinder.

Crem Thermos M air pot brewer

Perfect for brewing quickly and maintaining taste and aroma the Crem Thermos M air pot brewer

Thermos M airpot filter coffee brewer

Perfect for quick brewing and maintaining temperature without reducing quality.

Crem Expobar Zircon espresso coffee machine

Stylish espresso making machine the Crem Expobar Zircon gets you in touch with your inner barista.

Crem Club Grinder

Grind like a pro, every time with the Club grinder

Crem EX3 traditional espresso machine

Eye catching, exceptional espresso machine the Crem EX3 will enhance any cafe or business

Crem Mega Gold filter coffee

A 2.5l coffee serving station with a tap and level indicator and a signal when the coffee is ready.

Crem G10 Espresso machine

The elegant design of the Crem G10 espresso machine ensures it fits perfectly into a number of environments.

Crem Expobar Zircon Integral Espresso Machine

A smart compact espresso machine with a built in grinder, perfect in an environment with limited space

Crem Unity bean to cup with fresh milk

Crem Unity a fully automatic coffee machine that eliminates compromise and produces barista quality coffee at the push of a button.

Crem Brooklyn bean to cup coffee machine

Freshly ground, Perfectly Brewed - Experience coffee perfection with the Crem Brooklyn bean to cup machine.
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